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Memberships & Services

Becoming a member of Natural Fit means that you have chosen a community that values movement, fitness and health performance.  At Natural Fit we will help you to train your brain and body together simultaneously. Our membership places you in an environment that is  built on communication, trusted relationships and embracing challenge. 

We are a fully functional, modern gym facility with a coach onsite from 7am-6pm that offers both classes and individual programs with your membership.


Natural Fit General Membership

DD $39.95 / week

No fixed term or contract & flexible payment options

Natural Fit General Membership

  • Full access to our gymnasium with swipe card access: 5am-10pm, 7days/wk
  • Advice, support and encouragement from our Natural Fit team


  • Support in developing and refining your personal Health Performance Goal
  • Regular program updates tailored to your goals / needs

Exercise Classes

  • Unlimited Natural Fit Classes with a focus on quality coaching (Foundation / Strength / Function & Flow)
  • 3-D Function classes using the Cross Core Suspension System

Studio Classes

  • Unlimited Mat Pilates Classes in our studio instructed by Maddie Lysaght of Centreline Pilates
  • Meditation: The Art of Noticing with Darlene Penberthy
  • Roll and Release with Kristin Borchardt

Natural Fit Full Membership

DD $49.95 / week

No fixed term or contract & flexible payment options

Natural Fit Full Membership

  • Our full membership includes all the services outlined above in our General Membership

Additional Services Include:

  • Unlimited Yoga Classes provided by Kristin Borchardt Yoga (Good Stretch, Unwind, Slow Flow, Yin & Vinyasa)
  • Full Access to our Online Library (details below)
Online Membership
DD $21.95 / week

No fixed term or contract & flexible payment options

Full access to our online library, which includes:
  • Recorded Natural Fit Classes
  • Recorded Yoga / Pilates / Meditation Classes
  • Home & Gym-based Programs
  • Educational Videos / Tips & Advice

Other Services

Kristin Borchardt Yoga
$10/class for Natural Fit members only

Additional Yoga Classes

  • Natural Fit Members can attend Roll & Release classes with Kristin Borchardt
  • Natural Fit Members also have the opportunity to practice additional yoga provided by Kristin Borchardt Yoga and her team of senior teachers for $10/class
Personal Training
$60 / session Members; $80 / session non-members
  • All members receive regular program updates.
  • For extra motivation, guidance or support, you can book in for a Personal Training session with one of our fantastic coaches.
our clients
Steph Roy

I really loved the class and it’s so awesome that you can go at your own pace and have awesome guidance to make sure you get it right. We are definitely hooked, when’s our next class? My daughter loves it as well. It makes me feel so good knowing that she is learning about her body and how much she can push herself not to mention doing the exercises correctly.

Parkinson's disease

When I practice what Olly Coffey has shown me, I can walk easier, speak clearer and my thoughts are well ordered. It makes me feel calm and in control. Life changing.

Casey Waterhouse

I had no feeling when I started with Olly. Now, I feel little flickers right down to my hip. Some therapists practically crossed me out; Olly has given me a chance. He calms me down and I’m starting to feel more.

Jennifer Feret-Brear
(NZ White Sox Softball)

I could perform movements I’d been practising for a year but unable to master, and the calm and clarity of thought was even more rewarding.

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